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NBR draws upon an international network of renowned specialists, who conduct independent research on issues affecting U.S. relations with Asia. NBR delivers their independent conclusions to policy leaders through four signature publications - Strategic Asia, Asia Policy, NBR Analysis, and NBR Special Reports - as well as through a variety of cooperative efforts with other institutions.

NBR offers a wide range of publications on Project MUSE, including all issues of Asia Policy, Strategic Asia 2005-06 through Strategic Asia 2010-11, and select Special Reports. This content can be freely accessed by individuals affiliated with institutions that subscribe to Project MUSE's book and journal collections, available through Johns Hopkins University Press. View all NBR publications available on Project MUSE.

All issues of Asia Policy are now available through EBSCOhost and can be freely accessed by individuals affiliated with institutions that subscribe to EBSCO's Political Science Collection.

Recent Publications

Strategic Asia 2015–16: Foundations of National Power in the Asia-Pacific

Strategic Asia 2015–16: Foundations of National Power in the Asia-Pacific examines how the region’s major powers are building their national power as geopolitical competition intensifies. In each chapter, a leading expert analyzes a country’s economic, technological, human, and natural resources and assesses how well its political system translates those capabilities into military and diplomatic power. Download the free overview chapter.


Asia Policy 21 (January 2016)

Asia Policy 21 features a roundtable on non-claimant states’ perspectives and interests in the South China Sea disputes; essays on Taiwan and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, challenges in reforming China’s state-owned enterprises, and South Korea’s strategic dilemmas vis-à-vis China and the United States; an article examining whether South Korea is in China’s strategic orbit; and a book review roundtable on Andrew Small’s The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics.

PDF free through March 31, 2016


The New China-Russia-U.S. Triangle

Elizabeth Wishnick (Weatherhead East Asian Institute) analyzes the shifting dynamics of the China-Russia-U.S. triangle. She argues that shared views on global and domestic politics have driven China and Russia closer together, but that Washington should avoid direct attempts to subvert the budding partnership. Instead, the United States should focus on U.S. interests that reassert its prominence in the trilateral relationship.


Taiwan's Strong but Stifled Foundations of National Power

PDF free through March 7, 2016.

This NBR Special Report from the Strategic Asia Program analyzes the foundations of Taiwan’s national power at an especially critical time for the island. The outcome of elections in January 2016 will shape Taiwan’s place in both the region and the international system and likely have long-term implications for cross-strait relations. Against this backdrop, the report examines the strengths and weaknesses that will determine Taiwan’s ability to achieve its national objectives during a period of transition and uncertainty.


Publication Series

Strategic Asia

The Strategic Asia annual edited volume incorporates assessments of economic, political, and military trends and focuses on the strategies that drive policy in the region.

Asia Policy

Asia Policy is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal presenting policy-relevant academic research on the Asia-Pacific that draws clear and concise conclusions useful to today’s policymakers.

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NBR Analysis

The NBR Analysis is an occasional paper series that offers thought-provoking essays on the most important economic, political, and strategic issues in the Asia-Pacific region today.

NBR Special Report

NBR Special Reports are an occasional paper series on special topics conducted by the world's leading experts in Asian affairs.

Other Publications

NBR joint publications (including the annual PLA Conference volume) and archives of the NBR Briefing series.