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NBR draws upon an international network of renowned specialists, who conduct independent research on issues affecting U.S. relations with Asia. NBR delivers their independent conclusions to policy leaders through four signature publications - Strategic Asia, Asia Policy, NBR Analysis, and NBR Special Reports - as well as through a variety of cooperative efforts with other institutions.

NBR offers a wide range of publications on Project MUSE, including all issues of Asia Policy, Strategic Asia 2005-06 through Strategic Asia 2010-11, and select Special Reports. This content can be freely accessed by individuals affiliated with institutions that subscribe to Project MUSE's book and journal collections, available through Johns Hopkins University Press. View all NBR publications available on Project MUSE.

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Recent Publications

Strategic Asia 2014–15: U.S. Alliances and Partnerships at the Center of Global Power

Strategic Asia 2014–15: U.S. Alliances and Partnerships at the Center of Global Power examines the trajectories of U.S. alliance and partner relationships in the Indo-Pacific in light of the region’s shifting strategic landscape. Leading experts provide comprehensive assessments of the current state of the United States' relations with its five treaty allies, as well as with emerging "strategic partners" in Asia, and draw implications for U.S. policy.

Forthcoming, December 2014.

Now available to pre-order in paperback. Books will ship December 5, 2014.


Asia Policy 18 (July 2014)

Asia Policy 18 features a roundtable on Asia’s interests in and engagement with the Arctic region and articles on the reset in Russian-Japan relations, Canada as a potential partner in the U.S. rebalance toward Asia, and creating a cybersecurity regime in ASEAN. The issue also includes a book review roundtable on Elizabeth C. Economy and Michael Levi’s book By All Means Necessary: How China’s Resource Quest is Changing the World and a book review essay on Ashley Tellis’s Balancing Without Containment: An American Strategy for Managing China.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Lessons from Negotiations

In this NBR Analysis Brief, Richard Katz, editor-in-chief of the Oriental Economist Report, examines the obstacles to the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He argues that failure to reach an agreement by early 2015 could mean indefinite postponement and concludes that a “grand bargain” is needed to prevent this outcome.


China's Energy Crossroads: Forging a New Energy and Environmental Balance

PDF free through January 17, 2015.

China has emerged as the world’s single largest energy consumer, and surging demand has not only dramatically reshaped world energy markets but also raised complex questions for stakeholders concerned with developments in China’s domestic energy infrastructure, environmental policy, and global energy diplomacy. In this NBR Special Report, four senior energy and geopolitical specialists examine major shifts underway in China’s energy security strategies and assess how the country is affecting market, geopolitical, and environmental outlooks for the Asia-Pacific more broadly.

Table of Contents

China’s Energy Policymaking Processes and Their Consequences
Philip Andrews-Speed

China’s Search for Oil and Gas Security: Prospects and Implications
Mikkal E. Herberg

Peak Coal in China: Rethinking the Unimaginable
Li Zhidong

The Key Drivers of China’s Environmental Policies
Benjamin A. Shobert

Forging a New Energy and Environmental Balance: Conclusions and Implications for the Asia-Pacific
Mikkal E. Herberg


Publication Series

Strategic Asia

The Strategic Asia annual edited volume incorporates assessments of economic, political, and military trends and focuses on the strategies that drive policy in the region.

Asia Policy

Asia Policy is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal presenting policy-relevant academic research on the Asia-Pacific that draws clear and concise conclusions useful to today’s policymakers.

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NBR Analysis

The NBR Analysis is an occasional paper series that offers thought-provoking essays on the most important economic, political, and strategic issues in the Asia-Pacific region today.

NBR Special Report

NBR Special Reports are an occasional paper series on special topics conducted by the world's leading experts in Asian affairs.

Other Publications

NBR joint publications (including the annual PLA Conference volume) and archives of the NBR Briefing series.