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NBR's research agenda addresses the key challenges facing the United States in the Asia-Pacific. This document summarizes eleven issues to watch in 2014.

Our worldwide network of experts will be investigating and producing analysis on these topics over the coming year. Each section concisely describes the dynamics of a given issue and explains its significance for the region and the United States.

Read the 2014 Asia-Pacific Watch List.

NBR is dedicated to informing and strengthening Asia policy on issues ranging from security and politics to energy and global health.

Using its "network-of experts" business model, NBR brings together the best scholars from around the world to examine trends and developments in the region. Through conferences and private briefings, as well as through a variety of publications, including NBR's flagship annual volume Strategic Asia, the peer reviewed journal Asia Policy, and the NBR Analysis, NBR makes available the best possible research to the global policymaking community.

The institution organizes its research around three broad topics: politics and security; trade, economics, and energy; and international health.


Innovative, forward-looking policy research on a range of Asian political security issues, with a particular focus on:


Initiatives focused on a range of market and policy issues, including energy security and policy; energy and the environment; and trade, investment, and economic engagement.

Core initiatives include:


Founded in 2004, NBR’s Center for Health and Aging tackles a wide variety of public health projects and initiatives, including establishing and organizing the Pacific Health Summit between 2005 and 2012, which brought together leaders from science, industry, medicine, public health, and government to focus on the world’s most important health challenges.


The Slade Gorton International Policy Center is the living legacy of Senator Gorton’s extraordinary contributions to the United States and Washington State. The Gorton Center incorporates and builds upon ongoing NBR initiatives to sponsor research in economics and trade, energy security, energy and the environment, terrorism, and national security. Additionally, the Gorton Center focuses on training and equipping the next generation of international leaders.

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