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Our mission is to inform and strengthen policy in the Asia-Pacific. NBR conducts advanced research on politics and security, economics and trade, and health and societal issues. Drawing upon an extensive network of the world's leading specialists, and leveraging the latest technology, NBR bridges the academic, business, and policy arenas. For more information about NBR projects and research please visit our Research page.

George F. Russell Jr. Hall, NBR's headquarters in Seattle

Through meetings with policymakers and staff, testimony before legislative committees, media outreach, television programs, online forums, and publications, NBR integrates its research into policymaking communities throughout the United States and Asia. NBR's Washington, D.C., office is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, conveniently between the Capitol and White House and across the street from the Woodrow Wilson Center.

George F. Russell Jr. Hall in Seattle has been NBR's headquarters since 2009. Located adjacent to the University of Washington campus, Russell Hall is named for George F. Russell, Jr., chairman emeritus of the NBR board of directors.

The origins of The National Bureau of Asian Research date back to Senator Henry M. Jackson, who believed that an urgent need existed for an institution that could tap the nation’s best expertise to study Asia and Russia with U.S. national interests in mind.

NBR was established in 1989 with major grants from the Henry M. Jackson Foundation and the Boeing Company. Funding for NBR today comes from a wide range of sources, including foundations, corporations, government departments and agencies, and individuals.

Senator Jackson’s legacy shapes NBR’s essential values: integrity, honesty, concern for people, loyalty, importance of foreign policy, integration of realism and idealism in foreign policy, importance of China and relations among the great powers, and the importance of bipartisanship in making policy.

"NBR's collaborative business model enables the organization to operate efficiently and flexibly, working with other research institutions and engaging government in every effective way."

George F. Russell, Jr.
Chairman Emeritus
Russell Investments

Celebrating 20 Years: Video Tribute to NBR Chairman Emeritus George F. Russell, Jr.

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