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The Strategic Asia Database, part of NBR’s Strategic Asia Program, tracks key indicators related to the strategic environment in the Asia Pacific. The database contains data for 70 indicators across 10 themes for 37 countries from 1990 to 2012. Dynamic visualizations—including interactive, data driven maps—help users in the policymaking community, media, business sector, and academe understand key trends in the region.

The database supplements the annual Strategic Asia volume, in which top Asia specialists and international relations experts outline the region's current strategic environment and then ask what "strategic Asia" will look like in five years.

The Strategic Asia database is currently being redeveloped with improved data visualization capabilities, and public access has been temporarily suspended.


AccessAsia is a free online search resource that focuses solely on contemporary Asian affairs. One of NBR’s longest running projects, since 1990 AccessAsia has tracked thousands of specialists on current Asian affairs. Originally a database on Asian affairs experts, AccessAsia is now a specialized search engine with thousands of links to Asian affairs experts’ websites. These experts’ specializations range from Japan to Afghanistan and Russia to Australia, and their work includes foreign policy, security, economics, domestic politics, and energy.

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