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For Policymakers

Through sustained interaction in high-trust nonpartisan settings, NBR is a go-to resource for policymakers needing the most reliable Asia expertise. NBR builds bridges between the world’s top Asia experts and policymakers to develop actionable research on a range of strategic issues that will inform and strengthen policy. NBR’s extensive interdisciplinary research agenda draws upon leading specialists in Asian politics, economics, business, energy, environment, health, and defense.

Congressional Relations

Building on Senator Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson's legacy, Congressional Relations is integral to NBR's mission. NBR engages in a demand-driven approach to provide Congressional members and their staff with a high-level, nonpartisan perspective on key developments relating to U.S. policy toward Asia.

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Executive Branch Outreach

NBR relationships with members of the U.S. Executive Branch are core to NBR’s work of bridging academics, businesses, and policymakers for strong and well-informed Asia policy. Through experience and knowledge cultivated by both longstanding and developing U.S. government partnerships, NBR tailors its research agenda to provide advanced research on the challenges and opportunities facing the United States in Asia.

Pacific Energy Summit

The Pacific Energy Summit is an exclusive event that aims to foster economic and energy security in the Asia-Pacific by developing practical solutions to the twin challenges of rising energy demand and global climate change. The Summit convenes leading policymakers, industry representatives, and experts to articulate regional energy needs and opportunities in an interactive setting.

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Strategic Asia

The Strategic Asia Program is a major ongoing research initiative that draws together top Asia studies specialists and international relations experts to assess the strategic environment in the Asia-Pacific and to examine the strategies and perceptions that shape policy in the region. The program produces an annual volume, an executive summary, an online database, and briefings.

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John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies

Named after General John M. Shalikashvili, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a leader on NBR’s Board of Directors, the John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies was endowed by NBR to advance the study of national security issues and address critical interests in Asia. The Chair provides a distinguished scholar or practitioner in the national security field with an opportunity to inform, strengthen, and shape the understanding of U.S. policymakers on critical current and long-term national security issues related to the Asia-Pacific.

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Slade Gorton International Policy Center

The Gorton Center will honor Senator Slade Gorton’s significant contributions to Washington State and the United States by sponsoring world-class policy research and inspiring the next generation of leaders. The Gorton Center has three programs under development: (1) policy research on the issues of economics & trade, energy security, and counter-terrorism; (2) providing fellows and interns with policy experience at the Gorton Center and on staff in U.S. Senate offices; and (3) a history program to chronicle and disseminate to the public Senator Gorton’s contributions to our region and the nation over the past six decades.

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Dan Aum
Associate Director for Government and Media Relations

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