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October 2017

Civil-Military “Rules of the Game” on the Eve of China’s 19th Party Congress

Expert Brief

Andrew Scobell (RAND) assesses the position of the PLA on the eve of the 19th Party Congress—scheduled to begin October 18—and challenges conventional assumptions about civil-military relations in the PRC.

September 2017

Chinese Government Support for New Energy Vehicles as a Trade Battleground

Policy Brief

Marika Heller (Crumpton Group) examines China's policies supporting the development of new energy vehicles and their impact on foreign auto firms operating within China. She argues that a trade crisis between the United States and China could stem from the auto industry.

April 2016

The Dilemma Confronting the U.S.-Thailand Relationship

Pavin Chachavalpongpun

NBR Analysis Brief

Pavin Chachavalpongpun (Kyoto University) assesses the current outlook for U.S.-Thailand relations amid moves by the military government to strengthen ties with China. He argues that the United States risks losing influence in Southeast Asia if democratic reforms fail and discusses options for the United States to pursue the goal of encouraging Thailand’s return to democracy.

March 2016

Advancing U.S.-Japan-ROK Trilateral Cooperation: A U.S. Perspective

Expert Brief

Daniel Sneider (Stanford University) analyzes the foundations and future of the trilateral relationship from a U.S. perspective, highlighting the critical role the United States has played in mediating tensions between South Korea and Japan.

March 2016

The Future of U.S.-Japan-ROK Trilateral Cooperation: A Japanese Perspective

Policy Brief

Yoshihide Soeya, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Faculty of Law of Keio University, reflects on U.S.-Japan-ROK trilateral relationship from a Japanese perspective.

March 2016

Relocating Trilateralism in a Broader Regional Architecture: A South Korean Perspective

Policy Brief

Yul Sohn, Dean of the Graduate School of International Studies and Professor of International and Japanese Political Economy at Yonsei University in Seoul, reflects on the U.S.-Japan-ROK trilateral relationship from a South Korean perspective.

February 2016

Strengthening Transatlantic Policy Coordination on Asia

Nadège Rolland and Michael Wills

NBR Analysis Brief

Nadège Rolland and Michael Wills (NBR) discuss a recent Track 1.5 dialogue between representatives from the United States, France, Britain, Germany, and the EU. They argue that countries on both sides of the Atlantic share vital interests in Asia, and that stronger transatlantic policy coordination is needed to prepare for potential security crises in the region.

December 2015

The New China-Russia-U.S. Triangle

Elizabeth Wishnick

NBR Analysis Brief

Elizabeth Wishnick (Weatherhead East Asian Institute) analyzes the shifting dynamics of the China-Russia-U.S. triangle. She argues that shared views on global and domestic politics have driven China and Russia closer together, but that Washington should avoid direct attempts so subvert the budding partnership. Instead, the United States should focus on U.S. interests that reassert its prominence in the trilateral relationship.

November 2015

What to Do about North Korea

Sue Mi Terry

NBR Analysis Brief

In this NBR Analysis Brief, Sue Mi Terry (Bower Group Asia) examines the options available to the United States to address the threat posed by North Korea. She argues that Washington needs to increase pressure on the Kim regime by adopting a multipronged strategy that takes a firmer stance against Pyongyang and collaborates more closely with regional allies.

November 2015

Fact Sheet: 2015 Taiwan-China Meeting

Policy Brief

On November 7, Chinese president Xi Jinping will meet with Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. This is the first-ever meeting between the respective leaders of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC). This fact sheet provides background on relevant issues.

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