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Book reviews – Asia Policy 8

Ellen L. Frost, A.R.M. Imtiyaz, Yuan-Kang Wang, Barrett L. McCormick and William Ratliff

Old America, New Asia?
Ellen L. Frost

  • A review of Kishore Mahbubani, The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global Power to the East

The Separatist Conflict in Sri Lanka: Understanding the Conflict Beyond the Iron Law of Terrorism
A.R.M. Imtiyaz

  • A review of Asoka Bandarage, The Separatist Conflict in Sri Lanka: Terrorism, Ethnicity, Political Economy

The End of Chinese Realpolitik?
Yuan-Kang Wang

  • A review of Yong Deng, China’s Struggle for Status: The Realignment of International Relations

Twisted Tale of Telecommunications Tells Much
Barrett L. McCormick

  • A review of Irene S. Wu, From Iron Fist to Invisible Hand: The Uneven Path of Telecommunications Reform in China

China on a Roll in Latin America, so Who Cares?
William Ratliff

  • A review of Riordan Roett and Guadalupe Paz, eds., China´s Expansion into the Western Hemisphere: Implications for Latin America and the United States