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Anders Åslund & Andrew Kuchins' The Russia Balance Sheet

Jeffrey Mankoff, Donald N. Jensen, Peter Rutland, Stephen J. Blank, Steven E. Halliwell, Steven Rosefielde, Anders Åslund and Andrew C. Kuchins

In this book review roundtable, experts discuss Anders Åslund and Andrew Kuchins’ recent book The Russia Balance Sheet.

Better Off Than You Might Think: Russia Is Not a Basket Case
Jeffrey Mankoff

Russia’s Imbalanced Sheet
Donald N. Jensen

Don’t Shortchange the Politics
Peter Rutland

Misreading Russia: The Washington Consensus Strikes Out Again
Stephen Blank

Russia in Asia: Beyond Eurocentric Realpolitik
Steven E. Halliwell

Amicus Curiae: Dodging Fundamentals
Steven Rosefielde

Authors’ Response: Russia in the Balance
Anders Åslund & Andrew Kuchins