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Are We Adequately Training the Next Generation of Asia Experts?

Richard J. Ellings, Robert M. Hathaway, Christopher M. Clarke, Anand A. Yang, Davis B. Bobrow, Amitav Acharya and Parag Khanna

This roundtable addresses the question of whether we are adequately training the next generation of Asia experts and how we might do so through new initiatives like the National Asia Research Program. Authors touch on the barriers and bridges between academia and policymaking, the skills and expertise valued for young government analysts, the divide between area studies and the social sciences, the identity of Asia, and the role of language study in acquiring area expertise.

The Need for Policy-Relevant Asia Studies
Richard J. Ellings & Robert M. Hathaway

Gen Next: Are We Adequately Training Our Next Generation of China Intelligence Analysts?
Christopher M. Clarke

Asian Studies Past, Present, and Future
Anand A. Yang

A Human Capital Wish List
Davis B. Bobrow

The Idea of Asia
Amitav Acharya

Learning Asia the Asian Way
Parag Khanna