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Book Reviews – Asia Policy 11

Robert H. Wade, Mike Danaher, Andrew Scobell, Richard P. Appelbaum, Yi Shang, Douglas Fuller, Nadeem Malik and Alexander L. Vuving

How Development Economics Can Become 70% More Effective
Robert H. Wade

A review of The Rise of Asia: The “Flying-Geese” Theory of Tandem Growth and Regional Agglomeration by Terutomo Ozawa

Frictions and Outcomes Between the State and Civil Society in Locating “Public Bads”
Mike Danaher

A review of Site Fights: Divisive Facilities and Civil Society in Japan and the West by Daniel P. Aldrich

Rethinking China’s Strategy in Asia and Beyond: Can We All Get It Right?
Andrew Scobell

A review of Chinese Strategic Thought toward Asia by Gilbert Rozman

Will China Eat Our Lunch?
Richard P. Appelbaum

A review of China’s Emerging Technological Edge: Assessing the Role of High-End Talent by Denis Fred Simon and Cong Cao

University Autonomy and the State: The Official Story
Yi Shang

A review of University Autonomy, the State, and Social Change in China by Su-Yan Pan

Crossing the International Relations–Comparative Politics Divide in Analyzing Cross-Strait Relations
Douglas Fuller

A review of Political Conflict and Economic Interdependence Across the Taiwan Strait and Beyond by Scott L. Kastner

Comparative Study of Politics in Pakistan and Bangladesh: An Insightful Analysis
Nadeem Malik

A review of Bangladesh and Pakistan: Flirting with Failure in South Asia by William B. Milam

Why the Next Asian Tiger Remains a Cub
Alexander L. Vuving

A review of Guerilla Capitalism: The State in the Market in Vietnam by Lan Nguyen