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Jing Sun's Japan and China as Charm Rivals: Soft Power in Regional Diplomacy

Andrew L. Oros, Lam Peng Er, David C. Kang, Robert Sutter, Weston S. Konishi, Sheng Ding and Jing Sun

Who’s the Most Charming in Asian Regional Diplomacy?
Andrew L. Oros

Soft Power: Resonating with the Preferences of a Target Country?
Lam Peng Er

Soft Power and Leadership in East Asia
David C. Kang

China’s Charm Offensive—Frustrations and Implications
Robert G. Sutter

Same Bed, Different Dreams: China and Japan as Soft-Power Rivals
Weston S. Konishi

Soft-Power Diplomacy: A New Perspective on the Study of Chinese and Japanese Foreign Policy
Sheng Ding

The Journey Home: How to House Soft Power in Mainstream IR Scholarship
Jing Sun