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Richard J. Samuels’s 3.11: Disaster and Change in Japan

Alexis Dudden, Michio Muramatsu, Suzanne Basalla, Andrew DeWit, Nobuo Fukuda, Sheila A. Smith and Richard J. Samuels

In this book review roundtable, six experts discuss Richard J. Samuels’s 3.11: Disaster and Change in Japan, followed by a response essay from the author. Download the full text PDF above or read the individual essays online at the links below.

Making Sense of the Disaster
Alexis Dudden

Japan Could Change While Staying the Course
Michio Muramatsu

3.11 and the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Building on Success for the Next Generation
Suzanne Basalla

3.11 and Japan’s Shift to Smart, Distributed Power
Andrew DeWit

Long-Awaited Self-Rule on the Horizon?
Nobuo Fukuda

3.11 and Policy Advocacy in Japan
Sheila A. Smith

Author’s Response: 3.11 and the Fog of Politics
Richard J. Samuels