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The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics

John W. Garver, Daniel Markey, Feroz Hassan Khan, Meena Singh Roy, Andrew Scobell and Andrew Small

In this book review roundtable, five experts discuss Andrew Small’s The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics, followed by a response essay from the author.

Keeping Pakistan as a Balancer While Courting Indian Friendship
John W. Garver

The Strange Tale of Sino-Pakistani Friendship
Daniel Markey

Sino-Pakistani Relations: Axis or Entente Cordiale?
Feroz Hassan Khan

Where Is the China-Pakistan Relationship Heading—Strategic Partnership or Conditional Engagement?
Meena Singh Roy

Friends in Need…
Andrew Scobell

Author’s Response: Beyond India-Centricity—China and Pakistan Look West
Andrew Small