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The Strategic Implications of Russia-China Relations: Regional Perspectives

Brian Franchell, Angela Stent, Yu Bin, Alexander Lukin, Tomohiko Uyama, Hiroshi Yamazoe and Robert Sutter

This roundtable offers perspectives on the implications that heightened Sino-Russian cooperation might have for the global system and regional relations, including from the key states involved (China, Russia, and the United States), as well as on what closer Sino-Russian cooperation means for neighboring countries in Central and Northeast Asia.

Brian Franchell

The Sino-Russian Partnership and Its Impact on U.S. Policy toward Russia
Angela Stent

Between Past and Future: Implications of Sino-Russian Relations for the United States
Yu Bin

A Russian Perspective on the Sino-Russian Rapprochement
Alexander Lukin

Sino-Russian Coordination in Central Asia and Implications for U.S. and Japanese Policies
Tomohiko Uyama

Sino-Russian Cooperation from the Perspective of the U.S.-Japan Alliance
Hiroshi Yamazoe

America's Bleak View of Russia-China Relations
Robert Sutter