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Every June NBR’s Center for Health and Aging invites top decision-makers in science, policy, industry, medicine, and public health to Seattle to discuss how to realize the dream of a healthier future through the effective utilization of scientific advances combined with appropriate policies for prevention, early detection, and early treatment of disease.

2010 Pacific Health Summit Report

The 6th annual Pacific Health Summit took place in London in June 2010, bringing together top global leaders to discuss how science, industry, and policy can improve health outcomes for mothers and newborns, with an emphasis on public-private partnerships and the role of industry. Over the course of two days, participants explored ways to strengthen collaborations and leverage the creativity of this gathering of "unlike minds." The 2010 Summit Report, “Maternal and Newborn Health: The Crux of a Decent Humanity,” summarizes the key discussions of the Summit. The report focuses on why industry should be fully engaged in this field and how new partnerships and collaborations can provide the tipping point for sustained progress.

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2010 Pacific Health Summit Report