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Asia Policy 1 (January 2006)

The inaugural issue of Asia Policy, NBR’s peer-reviewed journal, contains a special roundtable on bridging the gap between the academic and policy worlds and four articles that address pensions and public opinion in a graying China, Taiwan’s strategy and political initiative in Northeast Asia, the death of North Korean Stalinism, and Islamic leaders in Uzbekistan.

Table of Contents

Special Roundtables
Special Roundtable: Bridging the Gap Between the Academic and Policy Worlds
Andrew Marble, Kenneth Lieberthal, Emily O. Goldman, Robert Sutter, Frank E. Vogel and Celeste A. Wallander

Pensions, Public Opinion, and the Graying of China
Mark W. Frazier

Taiwan: The Tail That Wags Dogs
Michael McDevitt

The Natural Death of North Korean Stalinism
Andrei Lankov

Islamic Leaders in Uzbekistan
Eric McGlinchey