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July 2015

One Year On: Modi's Regional Foreign Relations

Policy Q&A

Former Indian foreign secretary Shyam Saran discusses the key issues surrounding Modi’s most important regional diplomatic visits, including to the United States.

June 2015

China and Indo-U.S. Relations: An Emerging Triangle?

Policy Q&A

Shivshankar Menon (Brookings Institution) argues that despite increasing convergence between the United States and India on China, a strategic triangle has not yet emerged. He discusses options for strengthening bilateral Indo-U.S. cooperation and initiating new trilateral dialogues.

April 2015

India's 2015-16 Budget: Targeted Reforms to Promote Investment

Policy Q&A

Pravakar Sahoo of Delhi University explores what the 2015–16 budget means for India, foreign investors, and India-U.S. defense cooperation.

March 2015

Indian Politics and the U.S.-India Strategic Relationship

Policy Q&A

Former ambassador Tim Roemer explores the significance of recent Indian political developments, both domestically and for India’s complex and dynamic relationship with the United States and how U.S. policymakers can work to further strengthen economic reforms and continue to build what he characterizes as one of the United States’ most important strategic relationships.

February 2015

Sri Lanka’s Election: A New Path Forward

Policy Q&A

President Maithripala Sirisena’s surprise electoral victory has led to a re-evaluation of Sri Lanka’s political environment. Nilanthi Samaranayake (CNA Corporation) provides insight into the significance of Sri Lanka’s change in leadership and assesses the potential impact on the country’s relationships with major regional powers.

January 2015

North Korea’s Nuclear Capability


Recent cyberattacks and subsequent U.S. sanctions on North Korean actors have refocused international attention on the threat posed by the Kim Jong-un regime. Even greater concern should surround the country’s other emerging asymmetric capability: its slowly advancing nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

August 2014

India in a South Asian Context: Modi's Engagement with India's Neighbors

Policy Q&A

Nilanthi Samaranayake (CNA Corporation) provides insights on the significance of Modi’s outreach to other South Asian leaders, discusses key issues for the new government in this engagement, and explains how India’s regional efforts are viewed by other countries in Asia, particularly China.

July 2014

Indonesia’s Economic Outlook Post 2014 Elections

Policy Q&A

Gunawan Wicaksono (Harvard University) shares his thoughts on what the incoming president could do to turn the tides and jump-start more robust economic growth for Indonesia.

July 2014

India's 2014 Budget: Enduring Challenges and New Responses

Policy Q&A

Pravakar Sahoo from India's Institute of Economic Growth, currently Erasmus Mundus Scholar at the University of Antwerp, elaborates on the policies presented in India's 2014 budget and the reforms the Modi government is seeking to implement in the current fiscal year.

June 2014

Sunflower Movement Questions Future Direction of Cross-Strait Relations

Policy Q&A

Following the signing of the controversial Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, John W. Garver (Georgia Institute of Technology) discusses the immediate challenges facing cross-strait relations and assesses whether a more harmonious or confrontational relationship between the two countries is on the horizon.

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