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March 2015

Cyber Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Policy Q&A

James Lewis, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and director of the Strategic Technologies Program, examines the current status of cyber cooperation in Northeast Asia and assesses the political and security implications for U.S. foreign policy.

December 2013

India Looks Skyward to Tackle Challenges on the Ground

Policy Q&A

Bharath Gopalaswamy (Atlantic Council) provides insight on the Indian space program's future ambitions and the potential for U.S.-India cooperation in exploring and harnessing the final frontier.

June 2012

Chinese Nationalism and Its Future Prospects

Policy Q&A

Many observers, both in Asia and the West, are consequently concerned about the role that Chinese nationalism could play in shaping the trajectory of China’s rise. NBR asked Yingjie Guo, an Associate Professor of International Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, to comment on the nature of this political and cultural force and its implications for China’s future.

June 2012

Preventing Trade in Secrets – Strategies for IP Protection in Global Markets

Policy Q&A

Trade secret theft in Asia and around the world costs industry billions of dollars every year. NBR spoke with Pamela Passman, President and CEO and a member of the NBR Board of Directors, about how to better understand this growing problem and identify solutions for companies and governments.

May 2012

Space, China’s Tactical Frontier

Policy Q&A

As China's space program continues to develop and grow, NBR spoke with Matthew Durnin from the World Security Institute for his thoughts on China’s evolving satellite program and what might be an appropriate response for the United States to have.

February 2012

India’s Technology Sector: Paving the Way for Innovative New Approaches to Healthcare

Health Q&A

India teems with innovation, and its healthcare sector is no exception. In this interview, NBR speaks with Kanav Kahol about India’s culture of innovation and his observations surrounding an environment primed for the development of affordable health technologies.

December 2011

Technologies for Health: Assessing Affordability

Health Q&A

In anticipation of the 2012 Pacific Health Summit on "Affordability and Technologies for Health," NBR spoke with Professor David Heymann about the complexities of defining the concept of affordability and assessing value in a health context, and the challenges and critical considerations that should be taken into account when implementing affordable, innovative technologies, particularly in resource-poor settings.

July 2010

The Basics of Chinapol

Policy Q&A

The debate over the extent, pace, and implications of China’s growing power has been deepened by the expanding range of new analytical media offered in the Internet age. This Q&A presents an interview by Asia Policy’s editor, Andrew Marble, with UCLA professor Richard Baum, who directs Chinapol, a listserv dedicated to analysis of contemporary Chinese society and politics.


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