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Q&As: Islam & Muslim Societies

November 2013

Islamic Finance: Sources of Growth and Prospects for Global Development

Policy Q&A

Daud Vicary Abdullah (The Global University of Islamic Finance) offers insights on the recent growth of Islamic finance, the development of the industry in Malaysia, and the hurdles to its continued development in the United States and other parts of the world.

September 2011

The Next Ten Years of Post-9/11 Security Efforts

Policy Q&A

Ahead of the 9/11 Conference that NBR’s Slade Gorton International Policy Center will host on September 9, Sen. Gorton reviewed the last decade of security policy and previewed the challenges to come.

July 2008

Understanding Islamic Finance: Local Innovation and Global Integration

Policy Q&A

To gain a better understanding of the phenomenal rise of IF in general, of Southeast Asia’s particular role as an epicenter for IF innovation and development, and of the opportunities and challenges facing IF as an economically viable global financial industry, Asia Policy presents insights from a panel of senior finance officials, industry practitioners, and scholars.


Launched in 2009, NBR’s annual Pacific Energy Summit is an invitation-only event that convenes leaders from government, business, and academia to explore innovative solutions to the dual challenges of rising energy demand and climate change. By bridging the commercial, public, and nonprofit sectors, the Summit informs policy and inspires collaboration to help support sustainable economic development.

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