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Q&As: International Finance

March 2013

China's Healthcare Reforms: Addressing Discontent while Creating a Consumer Economy

Health Q&A

A 2009 announcement by China’s central government of a sizeable investment in the country’s healthcare system was followed by commitments outlined in the twelfth five-year plan to boost the number of general practitioners and hospitals. More recently, an announced change to the country’s FDI catalog aims to further encourage foreign investment in China’s healthcare sector. In light of these developments, NBR asked Benjamin Shobert to provide background and perspective on what these new opportunities mean for foreign investors.

January 2012

Determining India’s Economic Trajectory: The Role of Foreign Direct Investment

Policy Q&A

In an interview with NBR, India-based economist Pravakar Sahoo (Institute of Economic Growth) discussed the outlook of India’s economy and the role that foreign investment might play in stimulating growth. Dr. Sahoo argues that the country will not realize the full potential of outside investment unless the government confronts political opposition to key policies, such as allowing FDI for multi-brand retailers like Walmart and Target, and undertakes crucial reforms to sustain investor confidence.

January 2010

China, the Financial Crisis, and Sino-American Relations

Policy Q&A

Asia Policy editor, Andrew Marble, interviews Pieter Bottelier, senior adjunct professor of China Studies at Johns Hopkins University, on the impacts of the financial crisis on China and the implications for China’s foreign policy and global status.

July 2008

Understanding Islamic Finance: Local Innovation and Global Integration

Policy Q&A

To gain a better understanding of the phenomenal rise of IF in general, of Southeast Asia’s particular role as an epicenter for IF innovation and development, and of the opportunities and challenges facing IF as an economically viable global financial industry, Asia Policy presents insights from a panel of senior finance officials, industry practitioners, and scholars.


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