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Q&As: Pacific Health Summit

March 2014

TB in 2014: Reasons for Optimism and Vigilance

Health Q&A

Despite substantial progress in preventing, diagnosing, and treating tuberculosis (TB), the disease continues to pose a grave threat to health in the Asia-Pacific and worldwide. In advance of World TB Day (March 24), NBR spoke with Dr. Mario Raviglione (World Health Organization) about recent developments in fighting this disease.

March 2013

China's Healthcare Reforms: Addressing Discontent while Creating a Consumer Economy

Health Q&A

A 2009 announcement by China’s central government of a sizeable investment in the country’s healthcare system was followed by commitments outlined in the twelfth five-year plan to boost the number of general practitioners and hospitals. More recently, an announced change to the country’s FDI catalog aims to further encourage foreign investment in China’s healthcare sector. In light of these developments, NBR asked Benjamin Shobert to provide background and perspective on what these new opportunities mean for foreign investors.

February 2012

Improving the Diagnostic Ecosystem: A Critical Step in Controlling the TB Epidemic in India and Globally

Health Q&A

As a follow-up to the 2009 Pacific Health Summit on multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), NBR spoke with Madhukar Pai about progress in the field of diagnostics since 2009 and the current state of MDR-TB in India and globally.

December 2011

Technologies for Health: Assessing Affordability

Health Q&A

In anticipation of the 2012 Pacific Health Summit on "Affordability and Technologies for Health," NBR spoke with Professor David Heymann about the complexities of defining the concept of affordability and assessing value in a health context, and the challenges and critical considerations that should be taken into account when implementing affordable, innovative technologies, particularly in resource-poor settings.

July 2011

Diagnosing Inaccuracy: New WHO Policy Shift to End Ineffective TB Practices

Health Q&A

Why does TB continue to prevail in Asia, and what are the implications of the recent World Health Organization (WHO) policy recommendation to ban blood tests to diagnose active TB? Dr. Mario Raviglione (Stop TB Department, WHO) addresses these questions and more, including the Indian government’s response to the recommendation and what policymakers must do to curb the spread of TB.

June 2011

The Current Vaccine Wave and Global Health: Production, Policy, Pricing, and Promising Technologies

Health Q&A

In advance of the June 2011 Pacific Health Summit on vaccines, NBR interviewed Dr. Adel A. F. Mahmoud, Professor in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and Senior Molecular Biologist in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University.

June 2011

Delivering on the Promise of Vaccines: Strengthening the Continuum from R&D to Delivery to Eradication

Health Q&A

How can we simplify the path and reduce the time it takes to bring effective vaccines from the lab to the clinic? Dr. Seth Berkley, President and Founder of IAVI and incoming CEO of the GAVI Alliance, posits that concerted efforts in several areas, including improved information-sharing, leveraging emerging economies’ capacity, and expanding financing mechanisms, are critical to helping ensure that all vaccines will reach those who need them most.

May 2011

A Pivotal Moment for China and Vaccine Manufacturing

Health Q&A

In advance of the June 2011 Pacific Health Summit on vaccines, NBR spoke with Mr. Jiankang Zhang (PATH) on the latest developments and current issues facing the global vaccines and immunization field.


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