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Q&As: Japan-U.S. Discussion Forum

May 2012

Japan’s Evolving Business Strategies

Policy Q&A

After decades of economic stagnation, many Japanese corporations are facing challenging adaptation processes and are redefining their goals and core business strategies. In this new Q&A, Ulrike Schaede (University of California, San Diego) provides insight on these evolving strategies and how these changes affect Japan’s economy.

October 2011

Japan’s Debt Challenge

Policy Q&A

William W. Grimes, an expert on Japan’s economics, provides insight into the Japan’s debt dilemma, including what measures the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) could take to help reduce the level of government debt. Grimes is a Professor of International Relations and Political Science at Boston University, and is a Research Associate for the National Asia Research Program.

September 2011

Japan’s Shifting Security Environment

Policy Q&A

Japan security expert Christopher W. Hughes provides insight into the country’s evolving security environment, the effects of this evolution on the U.S.-Japan alliance, and the potential impact of an arms race between China and Japan on the region. Dr. Hughes is Professor of International Politics and Japanese Studies at the University of Warwick.

August 2011

Japan after Kan: Implications for the DPJ’s Political Future

Policy Q&A

Japanese domestic politics expert, Richard J. Samuels, provides insight into the DPJ, its political strategy, and the challenges the next administration will face. Dr. Samuels is currently Ford International Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for International Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

August 2011

The Future of Nuclear Energy in Japan

Policy Q&A

Five months after the Tohoku earthquake, we spoke with Dr. Daniel Aldrich, an expert on nuclear energy in Japan, Japanese civil society, and Japan-U.S. relations. He is currently an Associate Professor of Political Science at Purdue University and a visiting researcher at the East West Center.

July 2011

Disputed Claims in the East China Sea

Policy Q&A

Maritime security expert James Manicom provides insights into the current status of the dispute and the implications for policy moving forward. Dr. Manicom is an SSHRC Post-doctoral Fellow at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo and a Visiting Researcher at the Ocean Policy Research Foundation in Tokyo.


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