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NBR is at the forefront of analyzing key issues in the U.S.-China relationship. The publications and event audio and video offered here will help illuminate the complexities in the U.S.-China relationship.

What Do the Experts Have to Say?

Read recent news items quoting NBR authors, research directors, and National Asia Research Program (NARP) Fellows and Associates.

    Abraham Denmark
    Center for a New American Security
    Strategic Asia 2010-11 author

    China is focusing on limiting the U.S. military presence in the Western Pacific, argues Abraham Denmark in The New York Times:
    China’s Push to Modernize Military Is Bearing Fruit.

    Jonathan Pollack
    Brookings Institution
    NARP Associate

    The shift of power in the House will likely produce another major test for the U.S.-China relationship, says Jonathan Pollack in China Daily:
    China Faces Pressure from a New Congress.

    Mikkal Herberg
    University of California, San Diego
    Research Director for NBR's Energy Security Program

    How will China reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2020? Mikkal Herberg, weighs in on China's energy demands and industrial policy in Scientific American:
    The Price of Coal in China: Can China Fuel Growth without Warming the World?

    Ely Ratner
    NARP Fellow

    Ely Ratner lays out the emergent security threats that will shape the trajectory of China's rise in The Washington Quarterly:
    The Emergent Security Threats Reshaping China’s Rise.

    Eswar Prasad
    Cornell University
    NARP Associate

    China's trade surplus and new lending numbers show it has failed to rebalance its economy and reduce dependence on exports, argues Eswar Prasad in Bloomberg Businessweek:
    China’s Trade Surplus, New Lending Top Estimates.

    Victor Cha
    NARP Associate

    Does China underestimate the United States? Victor Cha discusses how bilateralism emerged as Asia's dominant security structure and America's "power play" rationale behind it in the Taipei Times:
    China Told Not to Underestimate U.S.

    Yasheng Huang
    NARP Associate

    High test scores, but flawed education? The Chinese education system, geared toward taking tests, actually deprives its students, Yasheng Huang tells ABC News:
    High Test Scores, but China Education Flawed.

    Minxin Pei
    Claremont McKenna College
    NARP Associate

    Is the advent of information technology promoting democratization in China? It will, but only when coupled with the rapid urbanization and higher education of Chinese citizens, says Minxin Pei in the Asahi Shimbun:
    IT Not Promoting China Democracy.

    Daniel Sneider
    Stanford University
    NARP Associate

    Why is China reluctant to check North Korea's belligerence? Differences between U.S. and Chinese interests are key, says Daniel Sneider in The Christian Science Monitor:
    Why China Will Not Do as Clinton Asks on North Korea.

Featured Publication

Rethinking the Beijing Consensus
Yasheng Huang
NARP Associate

Featured Audio and Video from 2010 Event

Access event video at Outlook on the U.S.-China Economic Relationship. To access audio click on the speaker names below.

    David Loevinger
    Senior Coordinator for China and Strategic and Economic Dialogue, U.S. Department of Treasury, and National Asia Research Program (NARP) Associate

    Thomas Rawski
    University of Pittsburgh

    Minxin Pei
    Claremont McKenna College

Other Recent Publications on China

Power Constrained: Sources of Mutual Strategic Suspicion in U.S.-China Relations
David M. Lampton

Sino-U.S. Competition and U.S. Security: How Do We Assess the Military Balance?
Dan Blumenthal

Chinese Foreign Policy and Domestic Decision-making
Xiao Ren & Travis Tanner, Allen Carlson, Cheng Li, and Mark W. Frazier

Defining a Health Balance Across the Taiwan Strait
Robert G. Sutter, Jianwei Wang, J. Bruce Jacobs, Alan M. Wachman, Ji You, and Nancy Bernkopf Tucker

China’s Fifth Generation: Is Diversity a Source of Strength or Weakness?
Cheng Li

The Basics of Chinapol
A interview with Richard Baum

China, the Financial Crisis, and Sino-American Relations
Pieter Bottelier

Other 2010 Event Audio and Video on China

Asia Policy Assembly
"Asia’s Global Influence: How Is It Exercised? What Does It Mean"

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Engaging Asia: The Future of U.S. Leadership in China

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Robert Scalapino Symposium of the National Asia Research Program (NARP)

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