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2011 Pacific Energy Summit: Summit Papers

Advance drafts of papers presented at the Summit are available below.

Summit Papers

Natural Gas in Asia: History and Prospects
Mikkal Herberg
The National Bureau of Asian Research
University of California - San Diego

Asian Natural Gas - Supply, Infrastructure and Pricing Issues
James Jensen
Jensen Associates

Evolving Roles of LNG and Asian Economies in Global Natural Gas Markets
Hiroshi Hashimoto
Gas Group, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan - IEEJ

Europe's Evolving Gas Market: Future Direction and Implications for Asia
Peter Hughes
Ricardo Strategic Consulting

The Policy Tightrope in Gas-Producing Countries: Stimulating Domestic Demand Without Discouraging Supply
Mark Thurber and Joseph Chang
Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University

Unconventional Gas and Implications for the LNG Market
Alexis Aik and Christopher Gascoyne
FACTS Global Energy