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2011 Pacific Energy Summit: Summit Presentations and Handouts

World leaders in science, policy, and industry convened in Jakarta, Indonesia, on February 21-23, 2011, to discuss the topic “Unlocking the Potential of Natural Gas in the Asia-Pacific" at the 2011 Pacific Energy Summit. Download handouts and presentations from the Summit.

A Changing World of LNG
Hiroshi Hashimoto
The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Investing in Infrastructure and Technology for a Gas-Powered Future (set 1)
Investing in Infrastructure and Technology for a Gas-Powered Future (set 2)
Syed Yusuf Hossain
Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission, Bangladesh

Structuring Domestic Markets for Successful Development
Minister Gabriel Kapris
Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Papua New Guinea

LNG S&P in the Near Future—From the Legal Perspective
Kwon Hong Ryu
Seoul Bar Association; Wonkwang University, South Korea

National Energy Policy - Views from the Parliament
S.W. Yudha
The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia,
Commission VII (Energy, Mineral Resources, Environment, Research and Technology)

Natural Gas Development in China: Status and Prospects
Xu Yongfa
China National Petroleum Corporation Research Institute of Economics and Technology, China

Current Issues: Philippine Natural Gas Industry
Department of Energy, Philippines

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IEA's Chief Economist Dr. Fatih Birol speaks at the 2011 Pacific Energy Summit.

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