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2011 Energy Security Report Launch Event: Photo Gallery

Asia's Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism

Senator Lisa Murkowski (State of Alaska) offers insights into how the United States and the Asia-Pacific can strengthen their collaborative efforts during her morning address.

Senator Murkowski engages with John Hempelmann (The Henry M. Jackson Foundation) on Asia's approach to energy security and the implications for U.S. policymaking.

Q&A with members of the audience following Senator Murkowski’s remarks.

Panelists Yufan Hao (University of Macau), Edward Chow (Center for Strategic and International Studies) and Mikkal Herberg (The National Bureau of Asian Research) assess the geopolitical implications of Asia’s approach to energy security.

Yufan Hao (University of Macau) offers insights into China's policies on rare earth elements.

Bernard Cole (National Defense University) details the connection between energy security concerns and state’s efforts to control major sea lanes.

Panelists Craig Gannett (The Henry M. Jackson Foundation), Toshikazu Okuya (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan), and Bernard Cole (National Defense University) participate in a panel discussion of Asia’s rising energy and resource nationalism.

Toshikazu Okuya (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan) outlines how Japan’s energy policies have evolved following Fukushima.

Craig Gannett (The Henry M. Jackson Foundation) discusses how Asia’s energy policies impact U.S. energy security.

Edward Chow (Center for Strategic and International Studies) engages fellow panelists Bernard Cole (National Defense University) and Yufan Hao (University of Macau) on Asia’s energy policies and implications for regional collaboration.

An audience member engages with senior energy experts during a panel discussion of the recent NBR publication, “Asia’s Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism.”

Yufan Hao (University of Macau) discusses the emergence of rare earth elements as an arena for national competition.

Q&A during the panel discussion of NBR’s "Asia's Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism."

Congressman Adam Smith (State of Washington) outlines strategies for enhancing U.S. engagement with the Asia-Pacific.

Lara Iglitzin (The Henry M. Jackson Foundation) discusses U.S. engagement with China with Congressman Adam Smith.

Read the 2011 Energy Security Report, "Asia's Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism" (September 2011).

2011 Energy Security Program

To access video, materials, or more information about the 2011 fall report launch, visit Asia's Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism. To learn about the 2011 spring workshop, see 2011 Energy Security Conference.


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