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NBR President Richard J. Ellings Leads Delegation Visit to the Republic of China

Dr. Richard Ellings led a delegation from NBR to visit the Republic of China (ROC) from April 8 to April 10, 2013. During the course of the visit, the delegation met with President Ma Ying-jeou, cabinet members, senior officials, and other national leaders to discuss a broad range of issues affecting the U.S.-ROC relationship.

Dr. Richard Ellings speaks with President Ma Ying-jeou at Taiwan’s Presidential Palace (Photo: Office of the President: Republic of China)

Topics included cross-strait relations, economics and trade, energy, and defense. The delegation was hosted by the ROC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegation was composed of the following members from NBR:

  • Dr. Richard Ellings
  • Admiral Thomas B. Fargo, USN (ret.)
  • Meredith Miller
  • Abraham Denmark
  • Roy Kamphausen
  • Mikkal Herberg
  • Andrew Kaiser

Joining the NBR delegation were:

  • Oriana Mastro, Center for a New American Security
  • Jonathan Sun, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the United States

The highlight of the visit was an interactive session with President Ma on the morning of April 9. In his official remarks, he recounted how he has improved relations with the United States by resolving trade issues, expanding cooperation on counter-terrorism, and increasing opportunities for cultural and educational exchange. President Ma also discussed improving ROC–PRC relations and his East China Sea Peace Initiative, which he hopes will decrease tension with Japan.

Admiral Thomas Fargo, Ambassador David Lee, and Dr. Richard Ellings during the open symposium at the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ School of Diplomacy

Dr. Richard Ellings exchanges gifts with the Hon. Ting Joseph Shih at Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The trip also included an open symposium on “U.S. Rebalancing and New Leadership in Beijing” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ School of Diplomacy. The event was co-hosted by NBR and Tamkang University's Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies. Dr. Alexander Huang from Tamkang University moderated the panel. Panelists at the event included NBR delegation members Dr. Ellings, Admiral Fargo, Mr. Kamphausen, and Ms. Miller and the following:

  • Dr. Yann-huei Song, Academia Sinica
  • Ming-hsien Wong, Director of the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Tamkang University
  • Ambassador David Lee, former Chief Representative of the ROC to the United States

Throughout the week, the delegation met with a number of distinguished interlocutors, including:

  • Timothy Chin-Tien Yang, Secretary-General to the President
  • The Hon. Hua-Chu Kao, Minister, Ministry of National Defense
  • The Hon. Jin-Pyng Wang, President, Legislative Yuan
  • The Hon. Yu-Chi Wang, Minister, Mainland Affairs Council
  • The Hon. Francis Kuo-Hsin Liang, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs
  • The Hon. Ting Joseph Shih, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Mr. Kuang-Chung Liu, President, the Prospect Foundation
  • Dr. Michael Kao, Senior Foreign Policy Advisor, Democratic Progressive Party

Admiral Fargo remained in Taiwan for several days after the delegation visit, and toured Kinmen Island and several military bases in the south. On April 12, Minister Hua-Chu Kao presented Admiral Fargo with the Award of the Order of the Resplendent Banner with Yellow Grand Cordon in honor of his service as Commander of U.S. Pacific Command in the U.S. Navy.

The NBR delegation with the Hon. Jin-Pyng Wang at the Legislative Yuan

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