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"Adapting to a New Energy Era" Workshop (Tokyo 2014): Photo Gallery

These photos are from an invitation-only workshop convened in Tokyo, Japan, on February 12, 2014, as part of the project Adapting to a New Energy Era. This full-day event featured senior policymakers, industry leaders, and top energy and geopolitical specialists.

Junko Chano (Sasakawa Peace Foundation) offers welcoming remarks, and highlights the importance of ongoing dialogue among international leaders from policy, industry and research.

The Honorable Tsuyoshi Shiina (House of Representatives, Japan) details major shifts in world energy markets, how some policymakers are thinking about the implications of these changes, and ongoing questions about the role of nuclear energy in Japan’s supply mix.

Mikkal E. Herberg (The National Bureau of Asian Research) offers an overview of the day’s discussions. His remarks highlight the urgent need for the United States, Japan, and other countries in the Asia-Pacific to develop new, more collaborative regional energy security strategies and approaches to stabilizing the Gulf.

Meredith Miller (The National Bureau of Asian Research) moderates the opening session featuring Nobuo Tanaka (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan), Mikkal E. Herberg (The National Bureau of Asian Research), and Roy Kamphausen (The National Bureau of Asian Research).

Former IEA Director Nobuo Tanaka (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan) examines key challenges facing strengthening Asian energy security, and identifies areas for strengthening cooperation.

Roy Kamphausen (The National Bureau of Asian Research) assesses the factors, which, in combination with a changing global energy supply picture, might lead to a reduced imperative for U.S. military strategic engagement in the greater Middle East and Persian Gulf.

Tsutomu Toichi (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan) and Toshikazu Okuya (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan) discuss “the view from Japan” during the workshop’s second panel.

Kuni Miyake (Cannon Institute for Global Studies; Ritsumeikan University) details the Japan-Middle East relationship, and implications for regional ties.

Zhao Hongtu (China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations) details China-Middle East and China-Asia energy security ties.

Kurt Tong (Embassy of the United States in Tokyo, Japan) highlights the importance of strengthening regional energy cooperation for supporting healthy global markets.

Yu Nagatomi (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan) offers an assessment of rising energy demand from Southeast Asia and the implications for the Asia-Pacific.

Kei Shimogori (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan) discusses Japan-Southeast Asia relations and the role that Japan can play in fostering greater regional energy security.

Admiral Dennis C. Blair, U.S. Navy (ret.) (Board of Directors, The National Bureau of Asian Research) offers luncheon remarks on how to strengthen U.S.-Japan ties on energy security.

Ken Koyama (Institute for Energy Economics, Japan) examines Asia-Middle East ties and the implications for regional energy security.

James Kim (Asan Institute for Policy Studies) highlights South Korean views on what role Middle Eastern energy resources will play in Seoul’s energy security strategies.

Shinji Fujino (Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation) discusses key challenges for strengthening regional energy cooperation, and opportunities for the United States, Japan, and others to work more closely together.

Through a range of activities—including field research, commissioned papers, workshops, and dialogues with key stakeholders—the project “Adapting to a New Energy Era” aims to provide in-depth and academically rigorous research into how the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries can craft stronger diplomatic, strategic, and economic tools to support common energy security interests. Learn more.

On November 7, 2013, NBR hosted a Capitol Hill release for the 2013 Energy Security Report “Asia’s Uncertain LNG Future” featuring panel discussions with senior energy specialists Mikkal Herberg, Shoichi Itoh, Jane Nakano, Padu S. Padmanaban, James Slutz, and Nikos Tsafos. Listen to event audio and access a free executive summary of the report.


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