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2009 Pacific Energy Summit

World leaders in science, policy, and industry convened in Tokyo, Japan, to discuss the topic "Energy Security and Economic Growth in the Asia-Pacific: Innovations, Markets and Smart policies for a Low-Carbon Future" at the inaugural Pacific Energy Summit, held in Tokyo, Japan, on November 3-5, 2009.

Discussions focused on developing a roadmap for action around efficient and clean energy technologies and the various mechanisms to promote implementation of these technologies as well as the related uncertainties and challenges that countries such as China, India, Japan, and the United States face.

Summit Leadership

NBR is grateful to the efforts of our Senior Advisory Group and Steering Committee in helping to launch the inaugural Pacific Energy Summit.

Senior Advisory Group

William M. Castell
Chairman, The Wellcome Trust

Carla Hills
Chair and CEO, Hills & Company

Haruhiko Kuroda
President, Asian Development Bank

Rajendra K. Pachauri
Director-General, The Energy and Resources Institute

Kenneth B. Pyle
Founding President, The National Bureau of Asian Research

William Ruckelshaus
Strategic Director, Madrona Venture Group

Steering Committee

Maria Livanos Cattaui

Erica Downs
China Energy Fellow, The Brookings Institution

Yonghun Jung
Director, Energy Policy Research Center, Korea Energy Economics Institute

Ken Koyama
Director, Strategy and Industry Research Unit, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Mark Levine
Director, Environmental Energy Technologies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Tadashi Maeda
Head, Corporate Planning Department, Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Summit Senior Director

Robert S. Price Jr.
President, International Risk Strategies

Mission of the Summit

Building Economic and Environmental Security through Innovative Energy Solutions

The Pacific Energy Summit aims to foster economic and energy security in the Asia-Pacific by developing practical solutions to the twin challenges of rising energy demand and global climate change.

The Summit convenes policymakers, industry leaders and experts to:

    • articulate regional energy needs and opportunities to explore innovative technology and policy solutions
    • coordinate efforts to make effective use of available technology and limited resources
    • foster public-private partnerships

Learn more about the Pacific Energy Summit.

Research and Results

The annual Pacific Energy Summit provides a vehicle for ongoing collaboration and dialogue on the topics of energy security and climate change and seeks to forge lasting partnerships that address these challenges jointly. Participants will receive expert papers in advance of the Summit to frame and inform the panel discussions. Following the Summit, these papers are distributed to key stakeholders in the region along with a final report summarizing key discussion points and findings.

Briefings with key stakeholders and policymakers will be held throughout the region to further the summit discussion and findings.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If your organization is interested in supporting the Pacific Energy Summit, please contact Clare Richardson-Barlow at to learn more sponsorship opportunities.

Left to right: Ken Koyama (The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan), Prabir Sengupta (The Energy and Resources Institute, India), and moderator Tomohiko Taniguchi (Keio University) have a conversation with the audience at the 2009 Pacific Energy Summit.

Previous Pacific Energy Summits

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General Information

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Senior Director of Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs (TEEA)

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