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2015 Pacific Energy Summit

The 2015 Pacific Energy Summit, “Strengthening Markets for Energy and Environmental Security,” was held in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, from May 27 to 29. The Summit convened an exclusive group of 200 leaders from government, business, and research organizations to explore innovative solutions to the dual challenges of rising energy demand and a changing climate.

From the Summit

2015 Summit Report

Media Wrap-Up: Audio and Featured Quotes

Summit Agenda (PDF)

Confirmed Speakers List (PDF)

Speaker highlights included:

Jeff Appleton

Admiral Dennis Blair
Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA;
NBR Board of Directors

Chen Weidong
CNOOC Energy Economics Institute

Xavier Chen
Beijing Energy Club

Mikkal Herberg
The National Bureau of Asian Research;
University of California, San Diego

Ken Koyama
Institute of Energy Economics

Tadashi Maeda
Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Melody Meyer
Chevron Asia Pacific Production and Exploration Company;
NBR Board of Directors

Tan Rongyao
National Energy Administration
People’s Republic of China

Kang Wu
FGE Beijing

Satya W. Yudha
House of Representatives, Indonesia

Zhou Dadi
China Energy Research Society

The National Bureau of Asian Research serves as the Secretariat for the Pacific Energy Summit and was pleased to join the China Energy Research Society (CERS) in co-hosting the 2015 Summit in Beijing.


The Asia-Pacific is on the front lines of efforts to develop energy markets that can balance the goals of sustaining economic growth and protecting the environment. Decisive action is needed to strengthen policy frameworks across the Pacific region to encourage flexible, resilient, and diversified energy markets.

The 2015 Pacific Energy Summit explored innovative solutions to these challenges in a high-trust setting through discussion among senior policymakers, scientists, industry leaders, and researchers.

2015 Pacific Energy Summit Overview (PDF)

Pacific Energy Summit Brochure (PDF)


    Admiral Dennis C. Blair
    Former Director of National Intelligence;
    Chairman, Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA;
    Member, NBR Board of Directors

    Zhou Dadi
    Former Director General, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission;
    Standing President, CERS


Enabling Clean Coal Technologies in Emerging Asia

    Han Phoumin, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

Gas in Asia: From Regional Premium to Global Commodity?

    Peter Hughes, global gas partners gmbh
    Daniel Muthmann, global gas partners gmbh

China’s Market-Oriented Reforms in the Energy and Environmental Sectors

    An Bo, Asian Development Bank
    Lin Weibin, China Energy Research Society
    Zhou Aiming, Asian Development Bank
    Zhou Wei, Asian Development Bank


One Hundred Years of Sino-U.S. Energy Cooperation

    Chen Weidong, CNOOC Energy Economics Institute; Renmin University







For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Laura Schwartz
Project Manager,
Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs (TEEA)
+1.202.347.9767 (Washington, D.C., USA)


Participants receive expert policy papers in advance of the Summit to frame and inform the panel discussions. These papers are distributed to key stakeholders in the region along with a final report summarizing key discussion points and findings. Briefings with key stakeholders and policymakers held in Washington, D.C., and Beijing further the Summit discussion and findings.


Securing Asia-Pacific prosperity through practical solutions to energy and environmental challenges

The Pacific Energy Summit convenes leaders from government, business, and research to explore innovative solutions to the dual challenges of rising energy demand and a changing climate.

Bringing depth to high-level discourse
We facilitate frank exchange of information and perspectives by bringing together leading policymakers, industry representatives and research specialists in a high-trust setting.

Focus on market-based solutions
We are committed to practical and tenable approaches to energy and environmental challenges. The world needs realistic solutions based in an informed understanding of the economic and environmental needs of the region, and the Pacific Energy Summit strives to provide this essential foundation for a productive discussion.

Collaborative and interactive experience
We embrace the diverse expertise of all participants by encouraging dialogue before, during, and after the program itself. Participation is limited to ensure concrete discussions and a high-quality exchange of ideas and expertise.

Learn more about the Pacific Energy Summit.

Asian Energy Outlooks in 2016 and Beyond

On December 17, 2015, NBR hosted a panel of experts including Takashi Kume (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan) and senior policymakers who examined the challenges facing countries across the Asia-Pacific in meeting energy demand and global environmental goals. This event served as a launch event for the 2015 Summit Report. Learn more and listen to event audio.

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