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On Wednesday, February 4, NBR and the European Policy Centre co-convened a public event in Brussels, Belgium, as part of the initiative India's IP and Innovation Policies. The program examined how the United States, the European Union, India, and other countries can work together to foster healthy environments for investment, market innovation, and closer overall strategic ties.


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Clara Gillispie
Assistant Director of Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs

As India and the rest of developing Asia work to maintain high levels of economic growth, intellectual property and innovation policies have become increasingly salient in national and international discussions. The European Union, the United States, and other major economies have large stakes both in supporting the growth of developing countries and in shaping how policy affects innovation and the competitive landscape in global markets. How and to what extent these actors can collaborate to address these issues will be critical for sustaining healthy investment environments and promoting strategic relationships.

Featured Speakers

Arnaldo Abruzzini

Gabriel Crean
CEA-TECH, Grenoble

Philippe De Taxis du Pöët
DG Enterprise, European Commission

Neena Gill
Delegation for Relations with India, European Parliament

Roy Kamphausen
The National Bureau of Asian Research

Meredith Miller
The National Bureau of Asian Research

Christoph Rademacher
Waseda University

Pravakar Sahoo
Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University

Fabian Zuleeg
European Policy Centre

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