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2015 Energy Security Workshop

Indonesia: A Regional Energy Leader in Transition

On July 23, NBR and the US-ASEAN Business Council co-hosted the eleventh annual Energy Security Workshop, “Indonesia: A Regional Energy Leader in Transition."

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Andy Nguyen
Project Associate,
Trade, Economic and Energy Affairs
(202) 347-9767

Indonesia’s successful democratic transition and strong economy have made the country a major political and economic power in both Southeast Asia and the broader region. Indonesia is now a key strategic and economic partner for the United States, as well as Japan and other countries in Asia, and has played an increasingly important role in shaping the future of the Asia-Pacific.

Energy resources and exports are a critical part of Indonesia’s success story and have helped raise levels of prosperity across Asia. However, rapidly rising energy demand, ongoing energy subsidies, and declining production have begun to erode this progress.

With these concerns in mind, the 2015 Energy Security Workshop examined the following issues:

  • Indonesia’s energy outlook, critical policy and market challenges, and major developments under the Jokowi administration
  • Key questions for promoting oil supply security
  • The country’s evolving coal, gas, and electricity nexus, and how stakeholders are seeking to manage the balance between affordability and sustainability
  • Efforts to strengthen environmental policymaking
  • Implications for the United States and the Asia-Pacific

Speakers included:

Event Sponsors

Asian Development Bank




Satya Widya Yudha
Commission VII, House of Representatives, Republic of Indonesia

Tom Cutler
Cutler International, LLC

Clara Gillispie
The National Bureau of Asian Research

Mikkal E. Herberg
The National Bureau of Asian Research

Murray Hiebert
Center for Strategic and International Studies

J. William Ichord
International Business Consultant

Meredith Miller
Albright Stonebridge Group

Vikram Nehru
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Scott Smouse
U.S. Department of Energy

Alexandra Stuart
US-ASEAN Business Council

Arto Suryodipuro
Embassy of Indonesia

Nikos Tsafos

Event Co-Hosts

Background: Energy Security Program

Now in its eleventh year, NBR's Energy Security Program convenes top energy and geopolitical experts from industry, research, and policy for an assessment of the developments taking place in Asian energy markets and their implications for geopolitics. To inform and strengthen the public policy dialogue, experts share insights and recommendations through a number of channels, including an invitation-only spring workshop, the annual Energy Security Report, and a public launch event in the fall.

Learn more about NBR's Energy Security Program.

In "Pakistan’s Energy Insecurity: Anatomy of a Crisis and How to Move Forward," Michael Kugelman (Wilson Center) unpacks the complexities of Pakistan’s energy problems, highlighting how shortcomings in the country’s system have led to political protests and riots and offering recommendations for public policy.

Read the 2014 Energy Security Report, "China's Energy Crossroads: Forging a New Energy and Environmental Balance."

For more information on the 2015 Energy Security Program, please contact:

Clara Gillispie
Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs
(202) 347-9767