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2016 Energy Security Workshop

"Oil and Gas for Asia" Revisited: Asia’s Energy Security amid Global Market Change

On Friday, July 8, the National Bureau of Asian Research and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars co-hosted NBR’s twelfth annual Energy Security Workshop, “'Oil and Gas for Asia' Revisited: Asia’s Energy Security amid Global Market Change."

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Reflections on the Discussion

Workshop speaker Ken Koyama, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), published his reflections on the discussion in an IEEJ Special Bulletin: Asia's Energy Security Outlook.

The recent dramatic shifts in global energy markets carry a number of important implications for Asia’s energy security. Some countries have embraced abundant supplies and lower prices as an opportunity to enact much-needed policy reforms and improve trade balances. For others, the current outlook has had profoundly negative economic implications, which in turn could increase regional concerns about political stability. Given the predominance of oil-linked LNG contracts in Asia, these changes also have potentially significant yet ambiguous implications for efforts to advance a “golden age of gas” and encourage transitions to lower-carbon sources of energy more broadly.

With these concerns in mind, the 2016 Energy Security Workshop examined:

  • How lower prices have impacted the global oil supply and demand outlook and how this is impacting the supply security of the region’s major oil importers
  • Asia’s key supply and geopolitical uncertainties, including prospects for sustaining the region’s longer-term goal of diversifying its oil import sources geographically
  • What “lower for longer” oil prices might mean for LNG prices and efforts to spur natural gas consumption in Asia, reduce coal use, and advance post-Paris climate ambitions
  • Implications for the United States and the Asia-Pacific

Speakers included:

Event Sponsors

Asian Development Bank




Hanyang University, Center for Energy Governance & Security

Korea Energy Economics Institute

Edward C. Chow
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Clara Gillispie
The National Bureau of Asian Research

Antoine Halff
Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University

Mikkal E. Herberg
The National Bureau of Asian Research

J. William Ichord
International Business Consultant

Ken Koyama
The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Michael Kugelman
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Melanie Nakagawa
Department of State, United States

Meghan L. O’Sullivan
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Leslie Palti-Guzman
The Rapidan Group

Laura Schwartz
The National Bureau of Asian Research

Masayuki Tanimoto
Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Mark Thurber
Stanford University

Nikos Tsafos

Kindly note that the Energy Security Workshop is held under Chatham House Rule.

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Background: Energy Security Program

Now in its twelfth year, NBR's Energy Security Program convenes top energy and geopolitical experts from industry, research, and policy for an assessment of the developments taking place in Asian energy markets and their implications for geopolitics. To inform and strengthen the public policy dialogue, experts share insights and recommendations through a number of channels, including an invitation-only spring workshop, the annual Energy Security Report, and a public launch event in the fall.

Learn more about NBR's Energy Security Program.

The 2012 Energy Security Report "Oil and Gas for Asia: Geopolitical Implications of Asia’s Rising Demand" examines how Asia’s rising energy demand, coupled with angst over high prices and the reliability of future supplies, is shaping the strategic and economic agendas of the region’s major powers. Learn more.

Energy Security in the Asia-Pacific

Channel News Asia's Between the Lines interviewed 2016 Pacific Energy Summit speakers Ken Koyama (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan), Aldo Flores-Quiroga (International Energy Forum), Chen Weidong (DFS Energy Consultant Ltd), and Clara Gillispie (NBR) on the sidelines of the Summit. Watch the episode.


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