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Leadership Forum

NBR fellows and interns participate in the Leadership Forum, a professional development program designed to cultivate leadership through a curriculum of seminars and discussion forums. The curriculum serves to nurture promising Asia experts who can operate in both the academic and policymaking worlds, enabling them to consider their own potential as leaders in the field of foreign policy.

Initiatives include in-the-field experiences, professional skills sessions, and discussion forums. The views expressed in Leadership Forum activities are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the views of NBR or institutions that support NBR. Past Leadership Forum events are listed below.


Space, China’s Tactical Frontier

Matthew Durnin
Beijing-based researcher with the World Security Institute's China Program
Associate Editor of the policy journal China Security


China's Road toward Democratic Governance

Dr. Yu Keping
Director of the China Center for Comparative Politics & Economics (CCCPE)
Director of the Center for Chinese Government Innovations at Peking University

DISCUSSION FORUM - August 11, 2011

Explaining War, Peace, Cooperation, and Order: Political Domination, State Making, and International Relations in Asia since 1945

Dr. Muthiah Alagappa
Distinguished Senior Fellow at the East-West Center

DISCUSSION FORUM - July 12, 2011

Middle Power Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific Region

Dr. Thomas Wilkins
Lecturer on Asia-Pacific security and strategic studies, University of Sydney


Events in Thailand and Implications for U.S. Policy toward Southeast Asia

Ambassador Darryl N. Johnson
U.S. Ambassador to Thailand (2001-04)

DISCUSSION FORUM - April 12, 2010

Japan's Foreign Policy from the LDP to the DPJ

Christopher W. Hughes
Edwin O. Reischauer Visiting Professor of Japanese Studies, Harvard University
Professor of Politics and Japanese Studies, University of Warwick

DISCUSSION FORUM - March 12, 2010

U.S.-Bangladesh Relations

Ambassador James Moriarty
Ambassador of the United States to Bangladesh

DISCUSSION FORUM - February 10, 2010

Unleashing the Production and Consumption Power of China's 750 Million Rural Poor

Roy Prosterman
Founder and Chair Emeritus of the Rural Development Institute (RDI)
Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Washington

DISCUSSION FORUM - December 1, 2009

Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA): Opportunities and Challenges

Minister Jong Hyun Choi
Minister for Economic Afairs in the Korean Embassy in Washington, D.C.

DISCUSSION FORUM - October 5, 2009

Counterterrorism Cooperation in South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

Ambassador Farooq Sobhan
President, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute


Bangladesh-India Relations: When Challenges Intersect with Opportunities

Ambassador Tariq Karim
High Commissioner of Bangladesh to India

DISCUSSION FORUM - April 17, 2009

Managing Strategic Competition with China

Phil Saunders, PhD
Professor, National Defense University

DISCUSSION FORUM - October 16, 2008

Implications of the Financial Crisis for Global Regulation

Michael Gadbaw
NBR Board Member and Fellow at the Georgetown School of Law

KNOWLEDGE FORUM - September 30, 2008

Entrepreneurship: Practical Skills for Working Professionals

John Castle
Professor, Foster School of Business, University of Washington


Maritime Security and Trade at the Port of Seattle

Mark Huebschman
Deputy, CDR Sector Seattle
Scott Bates
CDR, Chief, CP&FR US Coast Guard Sector Seattle


Asia: 25 Experiments in Biomedicine

Lee Hartwell, PhD
Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
2001 Nobel Prize, Medicine or Physiology

SKILLS SESSION - April 13, 2007

Briefing to Business

Michael Birt, PhD
Director, Center for Health and Aging, The National Bureau of Asian Research

SKILLS SESSION - March 15, 2007

Briefing 101 Lab

Mercy Kuo, PhD
Director, Southeast Asia Studies, The National Bureau of Asian Research

DISCUSSION FORUM - March 13, 2007

Notes from the Field

Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry
Commanding General of the Combined Forces Command - Afghanistan

DISCUSSION FORUM - February 22, 2007

In Search of North Korea's Future: Some Scenarios and Analysis

Andrew Scobell, PhD
Associate Research Professor, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College

DISCUSSION FORUM - November 16, 2006

Northeast Asia in the Wake of the North Korean Nuclear Test

Robert Scalapino, PhD
Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

Roy Prosterman, Founder and Chair Emeritus of the Rural Development Institute (RDI), participated in a Leadership Forum Discussion Roundtable on February 10, 2009, on the topic "Unleashing the Production and Consumption Power of China's 750 Million Rural Poor." Listen to event audio and learn more.

Jong hyun Choi, Minister for Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Korea in Washington, D.C., participated in a Leadership Forum Discussion Roundtable on December 1, 2009, on the topic "Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement: Opportunities and Challenges." Download the presentation and learn more.

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