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Innovative Asia Workshop (Tokyo)

On November 1, 2017, NBR hosted the workshop "Innovative Asia" in Tokyo. This event featured a keynote address by David Ricks, Chairman and CEO of Eli Lilly, and consisted of two panels with presentations by senior-level leaders from policy, industry, and academia. At this workshop, participants explored potential steps to move Japanese innovation to the forefront of international markets, considered the necessary conditions for strengthening the delivery of innovative products and services, and assessed methods to advance twin goals of improving public health and economic growth.

Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr., MD (The National Bureau of Asian Research) poses a question to David A. Ricks (Eli Lilly and Company) to kick off the workshop discussion.

Kazumi Nishikawa (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Japan) comments on the progress made in Japan’s research and development in the healthcare industry and the importance of digital innovation in achieving such breakthroughs.

David A. Ricks (Eli Lilly and Company) highlights major factors influencing developments in the healthcare and life sciences industry during a Q&A session.

Shuhei Nomura (University of Tokyo) noted that local and regional leaders should have a more involved role in ensuring that national policies benefit all communities.

Christoph Rademacher (Waseda University) and Ryo Kubota (Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings, Co., Ltd.) discuss some of the legal and structural opportunities and challenges facing entrepreneurs in Japan.

Ben Shobert (Microsoft) explains three core orienting beliefs for policymakers seeking to create successful environments for innovation in a global market.

Participants listen to remarks at the Innovative Asia workshop.