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2010 Asia Policy Assembly: Roundtable Sessions

The 2010 Asia Policy Assembly convened in Washington, D.C., on June 17-18, 2010, consisted of five plenary sessions, twenty-one roundtable sessions, and four keynote addresses.

Audio from four of the roundtable sessions is included below. Click on each presentation to hear the audio from the session.

Pieter Bottelier moderating a roundtable discussion on China and globalization.

NARP Associate Stephen Blank discussing Russia's great power status.

Roundtable 1
North Korea after Kim Jong-il

Welcome Remarks and Introductions
Scott Snyder, The Asia Foundation

North Korea and Nuclear Weapons: History and Implications
Jonathan Pollack, Naval War College

Preparing for the Decline and Demise of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Sung-Yoon Lee, Tufts University

Sue Terry, National Intelligence Council

Roundtable 1 Q & A

Roundtable 2
U.S. Security Alliances in East Asia

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties with the audio recording, there are a few minutes missing from the end of Victor Cha's presentation and the beginning of Michael Finnegan's presentation.

Welcome Remarks and Introductions
Kenneth Pyle, University of Washington

U.S. Security Alliances and Asia’s Regional Security Architecture
Victor Cha, Georgetown University

Recalibrating the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance
Michael Finnegan, The National Bureau of Asian Research

Roundtable 2 Q & A

Roundtable 3
The Geopolitics of China’s Rise

Welcome Remarks and Introductions
Thomas Christensen, Princeton University

Blowing Back at Beijing: The Future Threats that Will Shape China’s Rise
Ely Ratner, The RAND Corporation

Asia’s Complex Strategic Environment: Nuclear Multipolarity and Other Dangers to Asian International Security
Christopher Twomey, Naval Postgraduate School

Sino-Japanese Relations: Ties and Tensions
June Teufel Dreyer, University of Miami

Roundtable 3 Q & A

Roundtable 4
Maritime Security in East Asia

Welcome Remarks and Introductions
Sheldon Simon, Arizona State University

Military Activities in Asian EEZs: Conflict Ahead?
Mark Valencia, Nautilus Institute

China-Japan Cooperation in Maritime Security
James Manicom, University of Toronto

Threats from the Periphery: The Challenge of Terrorists, Smugglers, and Pirates in Southeast Asia’s Border Regions
Justin Hastings, Georgia Institute of Technology

Roundtable 4 Q & A

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