Pipeline Politics in Asia: The Intersection of Demand, Energy Markets, and Supply Routes
NBR Special Report no. 23

Pipeline Politics in Asia
The Intersection of Demand, Energy Markets, and Supply Routes

by Bo Kong, Paul Stevens, Marie Lall, Edward Chow, Shoichi Itoh, Mikkal E. Herberg, and Leigh E. Hendrix
September 1, 2010

This report presents key findings from the 2010 Energy Security Conference and explores the strategic, market, and geopolitical ties that have emerged from the rise in pipeline development in Asia. The report includes essays commissioned for the conference focusing on the key pipeline routes in this growing nexus of energy and political ties (Northeast Asia, Central Asia, India, and the China-Myanmar pipelines) as well as an overview of oil and gas pipeline geopolitics and analysis of the implications for the United States.

Table of Contents

Pipeline Politics in Asia: Energy Nationalism and Energy Markets
Mikkal Herberg

Oil and Gas Pipelines: Prospects and Problems
Paul Stevens

The Geopolitics of Northeast Asia’s Pipeline Development
Shoichi Itoh

Central Asia’s Pipelines: Field of Dreams and Reality
Edward Chow and Leigh E. Hendrix

India’s Gas Pipeline Efforts: An Analysis of the Problems that Have Prevented Success
Marie Lall

The Geopolitics of the Myanmar-China Oil and Gas Pipelines
Bo Kong

Pipeline Politics in Asia: Implications for the United States
Mikkal Herberg