Pursuing Security in a Dynamic Northeast Asia

Pursuing Security in a Dynamic Northeast Asia

by Michael J. Green, Kenneth B. Pyle, Richard J. Samuels, Aaron L. Friedberg, Francis Fukuyama, Kenneth Lieberthal, Chae-Jin Lee, Robert A. Scalapino, Dwight H. Perkins, and Nicholas Eberstadt
January 1, 2007

This roundtable is based on presentations the authors gave at the conference “Pursuing Security in a Dynamic Northeast Asia,” held November 17-18, 2006, in Seattle to launch NBR’s Kenneth B. and Anne H.H. Pyle Center for Northeast Asian Studies.

Pursuing Security in a Dynamic Northeast Asia
Aaron L. Friedberg

Future Visions of Asian Security: The Five Rings
Michael J. Green

The State of International Relations in Northeast Asia
Robert A. Scalapino

Nationalism in East Asia
Kenneth B. Pyle

The New Nationalism and the Strategic Architecture of Northeast Asia
Francis Fukuyama

Economic Growth in Northeast Asia: Implications for Security
Dwight H. Perkins

Critical Cross-Cutting Issues Facing Northeast Asia: Regional Demographic Trends and Prospects
Nicholas Eberstadt

Japan’s Emerging Grand Strategy
Richard J. Samuels

China’s Strategies and Goals toward Northeast Asia
Kenneth Lieberthal

The Limits of South Korea’s Strategic Choices
Chae-Jin Lee

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