2010 Asia Policy Assembly: Plenary Sessions

The 2010 Asia Policy Assembly, convened in Washington, D.C., on June 17-18, 2010, consisted of five plenary sessions, twenty-one roundtable sessions, and four keynote addresses.

PLENARY 1: Geopolitics and Grand Strategy

Welcome Remarks and Introductions

    Aaron Friedberg, Princeton University

Strategic Challenges and Opportunities for the United States in Asia

    Michael Schiffer, U.S. Department of Defense

Sources of Mutual Strategic Suspicion in U.S.-China Relations

    David Lampton, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS

Military Dimensions of Asia’s Strategic Environment

    Thomas Mahnken, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS

Plenary 1 Q & A

PLENARY 2: Global Trade, Investment, and Finance

Session was off the record. No audio available.

PLENARY 3: International Implications of Domestic Political Transitions

Welcome Remarks and Introductions

    Richard Samuels, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Japan’s New Asianism: Threat or Opportunity?

    Daniel Sneider, Stanford University

South Korean Democracy, Identity Politics, and U.S.-Korea Relations

    Katharine Moon, Wellesley College

Democratization and Indonesian Foreign Policy

    Ann Marie Murphy, Seton Hall University

Plenary 3 Q & A

PLENARY 4: International Security: Will the Pacific Remain Pacific?

Welcome Remarks and Introductions

    June Teufel Dreyer, University of Miami

How to Think about the Asian Balance of Power

    Dan Blumenthal, American Enterprise Institute

China’s Military Capabilities and Doctrine

    M. Taylor Fravel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


    Thomas Fingar, Stanford University

Plenary 4 Q & A

PLENARY 5: Asia 2025 and Beyond

Welcome Remarks and Introductions

    Roy Kamphausen, The National Bureau of Asian Research

Prospects for Continued U.S. Predominance in Asia

    Ashley Tellis, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Demographic Trends and Growth in Asia

    Nicholas Eberstadt, American Enterprise Institute


    Terrence Markin, National Intelligence Council

Plenary 5 Q & A

Michael Schiffer

Mr. Michael Schiffer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia, delivers a policy address on the strategic challenges and opportunities for the United States in Asia.

plenary 3

Participants engage panel presenters during an interactive question-and-answer period at the close of a plenary session.