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Energy and Environmental Affairs

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2021 Pacific Energy Summit Virtual Series

The Indo-Pacific has become the center for global energy demand and is on track to account for approximately two-thirds of total demand increase over the next two decades. Driven by both population and economic growth, rising energy consumption and carbon emissions have put a spotlight on the need to meet demand in a secure and sustainable way.

Due to travel restrictions, this year’s Pacific Energy Summit will consist of a series of virtual events. The 2021 Summit Series will focus on the regional alliances and public-private partnerships central to building stronger collaboration and regional energy security between the United States and the Indo-Pacific. This year’s program will feature several in-depth and candid conversations with experts and policymakers from key U.S. partners including, Japan, India, Indonesia, and South Korea, as well as private sector representatives who are shaping regional energy transitions. These off-the-record discussions will provide an exclusive opportunity to engage substantively with leaders on best practices thus far, how to navigate disruptions to energy systems, and the future of regional energy cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.

This year’s Pacific Energy Summit virtual invitation-only events will feature a series of in-depth conversations between a moderator and featured keynote speaker from Japan, South Korea, India, and Indonesia. It will also feature a panel of leading energy industry representatives to discuss the role for public-private partnerships in clean energy transitions.

Upcoming Events

  • Private Sector Engagement to Achieve Energy Transitions | TBD: November 2021

  • Investing in High Quality Infrastructure and the Japan-U.S. Clean Energy Partnership | TBD: November 2021

Past Events

U.S.-Indonesia Cooperation: Meeting Energy and Sustainability Goals

June 16, 2021


“Joint research and collaboration between the United States and Indonesia on low carbon technologies, specifically CCS/CCUS, would be instrumental in reducing emissions in Indonesia.”Satya Widya Yudha, National Energy Council of the Republic of Indonesia

Satya Yudha and Meredith Miller

Panelist Satya Widya Yudha with moderator Meredith Miller (Albright-Stonebridge Group).

Public Private Partnerships in the U.S.-India Strategic Energy Partnership

August 17, 2021


“It is feasible that India can get to 100% renewable generation, and this is possible through the R&D work in the United States for state-of-the-art technologies. Partnerships would be very helpful for Indian companies, the government, and to help speed up the process of decarbonization.”

Praveer Sinha, Tata Power

Praveer Sinha

“India’s renewable energy sector will create investment opportunities amounting to $80 billion in the next four years. This offers a huge market for U.S. energy companies and an opportunity for U.S.-India PPP.”

Ravi Kota, Embassy of India to the USA

Ravi Kota

South Korea’s New Southern Policy and Partnerships in Southeast Asia

October 6, 2021


“South Korea’s New Southern Policy energy projects directed towards ASEAN and India include (1) clean energy development such as smart grid, energy efficiency and renewable, (2) Joint R&D in clean technologies, and (3) smart city networks in ASEAN.”

Woongtae Chung, KEEI

Woongtae Chung


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