China Challenge Summit 2022

NBR partnered with the World Trade Center Utah for the 2022 China Challenge Summit on June 9, 2022, at Utah Valley University. The Summit was an important gatherings of leaders and experts in U.S.-China relations, international trade and business, national security policy, and others to provide private and public sector leaders with both strategic insight and tactical advice for operating in the current global environment. Participants had the opportunity to learn from and engage with a unique group of China specialists on today’s most salient diplomatic and industrial challenges.

The Summit convened a high-profile group of leaders from across the nation and world to yield quality thought-leadership around three themes:

  • China’s geopolitical strategy and U.S. foreign policy towards China.
  • China’s economic, trade, business, and foreign policies.
  • How U.S. businesses and policymakers should respond to these challenges.

Featured Speakers

Jon Huntsman, Astrid Tuminez, Matt Pottinger, Nadia Schadlow