Nontraditional Security Challenges and Opportunities for Cooperation: South Asia – 2025 (Phase 2 Workshop)

Building on the outcomes of the phase 1 workshop in 2009, NBR partnered with the Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS) on the phase 2 workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from December 13-14, 2010.

The workshop built on the 2009 phase 1 effort, this time employing NBR’s Jumping Ahead: Implications of a Hypothetical Future model of alternative futures analyses. Project participants assessed three plausible alternative futures and explored the implications of each future in four dimensions: economic, political, security, and geopolitical. The purpose of the exercise was to shed light on today’s circumstances by evaluating the costs and benefits of plausible, but significantly different, future scenarios for South Asia in 2025.


For a summary of the workshop proceedings, please see the agenda.