Jane T. Russell

In Memory of Jane T. Russell
Jane T. Russell

Jane Russell, beloved wife and lifetime partner of NBR’s chairman, George Russell, understood the importance of a corporate value system and was instrumental in identifying and developing the core values of the Russell Investment Group (formerly Frank Russell Company), which is heralded today for fostering integrity in an environment of mutual trust and respect and for its extraordinary people programs.

Jane also had a profound effect on the nonprofit world and at NBR. She inspired the development of NBR’s values by prompting the staff with such questions as: What values do you believe are important? Which ones do you bring to your work? What keeps you up at night?

It was Jane Russell who started NBR staff through the process of developing NBR’s value system and building an environment for personal fulfillment and organizational success. Learn about the Jane T. Russell Award.

An Afternoon with Jane

A staff retreat, time to reflect
On how, together, we perfect
Our place of work, our goals, our lives,
The mission t’ward which each here strives.
The day began on Shadowfax,
With time to talk and to relax.
Basked in sun, we peered o’er the rail
As t’ward Gig Harbor we set sail.
We’d come to meet that woman who,
As people ‘round the nation knew,
Was key to Russell’s great success
And awesome talents did possess.
What keeps you up at night? she asked.
A project? Some unfinished task?
Which values guide you through the day?
What attitude do you convey?
Communication is a must,
With honesty, respect, and trust.
Smart people should be on your team
So push yourself and dare to dream.
Wash windows, think outside the box
For as you form the building blocks
For NBR to learn and grow
So too your own seeds do you sow.
Precious hours she did share
Hours in which we fell heir
To pearls of wisdom and advice
To which one can’t attach a price.
And now we try without success
To adequately here express
The honor, gratitude, and gain
We felt that afternoon with Jane.