Generational Change and Leadership Succession in Uzbekistan

This 2006 conference in Washington, D.C., explored generational differences in Uzbekistan, their potential impact on political succession, and the attendant implications for U.S. policy toward Uzbekistan. Panelists sought to identify defining events and experiences shaping the worldviews of the 25 to 50 generational age cohort in Uzbekistan, demarcate political generations, and identify influences on the current and future political leaderships in Uzbekistan.

Conference Report

by Stephen E. Hanson

Regeneration or Degeneration? Youth Mobilization and The Future of Uzbek Politics
by Eric McGlinchey

Geographic Mobility of Uzbeks: The Emergence of Crossnational Communities vs. Nation-state Control
by Alisher Ilkhamov

Attitudes Toward Globalization and the Use of New Technologies
by Odil Ruzaliev

Changing Identities among Uzbek Youth: Transition from Regional to Socio-economic Identities
by Diora Ziyaeva