2010–11 National Asia Research Program Associates and Fellows

The twenty-seven 2010–11 National Asia Research Program (NARP) Associates and twelve Fellows were chosen through a competitive, nationwide selection process based on their research into issues of strategic importance to U.S. interests in Asia. These Associates and Fellows served two-year terms, from March 2010 to March 2012, during which they presented their research at the Asia Policy Assembly in Washington, D.C., and subsequently published their research findings in various NBR and Wilson Center publications.

During their terms, the Associates and Fellows remained at their home institutions and received a research stipend to support their work through the NARP.

Research Associates

Richard Baum, University of California-Los Angeles

Stephen Blank, US Army War College

Dan Blumenthal, American Enterprise Institute

Victor Cha, Georgetown University

T.J. Cheng, College of William and Mary

Stephen Cohen, The Brookings Institution

Donald Emmerson, Stanford University

M. Taylor Fravel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Steven Goldstei, Smith College

William Grimes, Boston University

Yanzhong Huang, Seton Hall University

Yasheng Huang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David M. Lampton, Johns Hopkins University

Wei Li, Arizona State University

Katharine Moon, Wellesley College

Minxin Pei, Claremont McKenna College

Saadia Pekkanen, University of Washington

David Pietz, Washington State University

Jonathan Pollack, Naval War College

Kenneth Pomeranz, University of California, Irvine

Robert Pomeroy, University of Connecticut

Eswar Prasad, Cornell University

Thomas Rawski, University of Pittsburgh

Jonathan Schwartz, State University of New York, New Paltz

Adam Segal, Council on Foreign Relations

Daniel Sneider, Stanford University

Mark Valencia, Nautilus Institute

Research Fellows

Amit Ahuj, University of California, Santa Barbara

C. Christine Fair, Georgetown University

Justin Hastings, Georgia Institute of Technology

Sung-Yoon Le, Tufts University

Eric McGlinchey, George Mason University

Ann Marie Murphy, Seton Hall University

Tun Myint, Carleton College

Thomas Pepinsky, Cornell University

Ely Ratner, RAND Corporation

Eric Strahorn, Florida Gulf Coast University

Christopher Twomey, Naval Postgraduate School

Elizabeth Wishnick, Montclair State University