Asia Policy 7 (January 2009)

Asia Policy 7
January 2009

January 1, 2009 ISSN 1559-0968

This issue of NBR’s journal Asia Policy features a roundtable of 19 experts from Asia Policy‘s editorial board on what the new administration needs to know about Asia. The issue includes two articles on North Korea, a double book review roundtable on nuclear proliferation and security in Asia, and the Policymaker’s Library, which presents policy-focused summaries of select books published in 2008.


Advising the New U.S. President

Michael J. Green, T. J. Pempel, Nicholas Eberstadt, Robert Sutter, Aaron L. Friedberg, David Shambaugh, Robert Ross, Mark N. Katz, Rajan Menon, Richard P. Suttmeier, Robert Reardon, Mark W. Frazier, Steven W. Lewis, Barrett L. McCormick, Vincent Wei-cheng Wang, Andrew Scobell, David C. Kang, Sheldon W. Simon, and Alan M. Wachman


The (Non-) Impact of UN Sanctions on North Korea

Marcus Noland


North Korea and Illegal Narcotics: Smoke but No Fire?

Benjamin J. Sovacool

Book Review Roundtable

Etel Solingen’s Nuclear Logics and Muthiah Alagappa’s The Long Shadow

Jacques E.C. Hymans, Jing-dong Yuan, Muthiah Alagappa, Deepti Choubrey, Christopher A. Ford, and Etel Solingen

Policymaker’s Library

Policymaker’s Library

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