Asia Policy 8 (July 2009)

Asia Policy 8
July 2009

July 1, 2009 ISSN 1559-0968

The eighth issue of NBR’s journal Asia Policy features a roundtable of experts on defining a “healthy” military balance in the Taiwan Strait and articles on North Korean domestic politics, India’s foreign policy establishment, and the Chinese military’s new information office. A book review roundtable on China’s Water Warriors, a review essay on three recent books that address the rise of China, and books reviews on Asia, Sri Lanka, and China are also included.


Defining a Healthy Balance Across the Taiwan Strait

J. Bruce Jacobs, Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Robert Sutter, Alan M. Wachman, Jianwei Wang, and Ji You


Pyongyang Strikes Back: North Korean Policies of 2002–08 and Attempts to Reverse “De-Stalinization from Below”

Andrei Lankov


Developing India’s Foreign Policy “Software”

Daniel S. Markey


Media Relations in China’s Military: The Case of the Ministry of National Defense Information Office

Matthew Boswell

Book Review Roundtable

Andrew C. Mertha’s China’s Water Warriors: Citizen Action and Policy Change

David M. Lampton, Andrew Mertha, Teh-chang Lin, Anna Brettell, Peter Ford, and Yawei Liu

Review Essay

To Assess the Rise of China

Fei-Ling Wang

Book Review

Book reviews – Asia Policy 8

A.R.M. Imtiyaz, William Ratliff, Ellen L. Frost, Barrett L. McCormick, and Yuan-Kang Wang

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