Richard C. Bush’s <em>Untying the Knot: Making Peace in the Taiwan Strait</em>

Richard C. Bush's Untying the Knot
Making Peace in the Taiwan Strait

by Dan Blumenthal, Allen Carlson, Steven M. Goldstein, Richard C. Bush, Derek Mitchell, Lyle Goldstein, and Mark Williams
July 1, 2006

The six review essays in this book review roundtable from Asia Policy 2 (July 2006) are followed by a response essay from the author.

Download the book review roundtable.

(K)not Yet Untied: Comments on Richard Bush’s Untying the Knot
Allen Carlson

Tied Up Across the Taiwan Strait
Derek Mitchell

A Rapidly Changing Military Balance: A National Security Perspective on Richard Bush’s Untying the Knot
Lyle Goldstein

Gordius in the Strait: A New Taiwan and an Impatient China
Dan Blumenthal

Reflections on the Legal Aspects of Untying the Knot
Mark Williams

Did Beijing Really Misunderstand Lee Teng-Hui and Chen Shui-Bian?
Steven M. Goldstein

Author’s Response
Richard C. Bush

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