The “People” in the PLA: Recruitment, Training, and Education in China’s Military

The "People" in the PLA
Recruitment, Training, and Education in China's Military

Edited by Andrew Scobell, Roy D. Kamphausen, and Travis Tanner
September 17, 2008 Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)

Released in cooperation with the Strategic Studies Institute. this volume describes the advances and reforms the PLA has made in its recruitment, officer and NCO training and education, and mobilization.

As part of its larger reform effort to modernize and transform its military into a technologically sophisticated force, the PLA has implemented a number of measures aimed at training up a “new-type” officer for its modernized forces—one capable of operating effectively in a technologically advanced “informationalized” environment. This volume sheds light on such important questions as how the PLA’s personnel system is adapting to fulfill the requirements of a military force capable of “winning local wars under informationalized conditions” and how the PLA is cultivating a new generation of officers and what capabilities these new officers will likely possess.