Inclusion in the Work We Do and the Way We Work

Inclusion is at the heart of the vision driving NBR’s mission—a vision for a future that is free, open, secure, and prosperous for all. As the nation’s Asia policy think tank, the end result of all we do is guided by this vision, which informs the way we work as well as decisions about the work we choose to undertake.

A free and open future. Openness and freedom are essential to democracy, individual liberty, and a just social environment.

A secure future. A more just and democratic world is a more secure and peaceful world.

A prosperous future. Peace, security, and good governance contribute to economic growth.

Inclusion and Diversity in Our Global Network

For over three decades, NBR’s unique approach has given voice to experts from the Indo-Pacific region as well as to those in the United States and elsewhere around the world. The inclusion of perspectives from our global network of experts, comprising a diverse mix of race, gender, nationality, religious background, and age, leads to more innovative ideas, a richer understanding of the world, and more effective policy.

Workplace Inclusion and Diversity

NBR recognizes the importance of inclusion and diversity and acknowledges their benefits to our organization as well as to society writ large. We encourage frank, non-hierarchical communication in which every NBR employee is an integral part of our mission. We embrace diversity in the recruitment of staff and our global network of experts. We harness and reward the knowledge, experience, and creativity of our staff and experts regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, economic status, or any other diverse backgrounds.

Special Initiative on Racial Justice and Equity

In 2021, we have undertaken a special initiative dedicated to advancing racial justice and equity within NBR, the policy community, and the world. We are developing, implementing, and measuring results for initiatives in four areas: institutional boards, human resources, products, and fellowships.

NBR has launched the Undergraduate Diversity Fellowship, aimed at extending educational, professional, and mentorship opportunities to Black and brown students who are interested in pursuing a career in International Affairs. Learn more about the fellowship.